Hey, I'm Brittany Bayley!
I built my business from the ground up using my gut, my intuition, and practical, real-life resources. 

The truth is, I didn't do anything the "traditional" way... and I still don't. Despite all of that, I've been able to write for some pretty amazing people. 

Now, I teach struggling service providers how to step into the role of an intentional business owner through mindset, manifestation, and practical skill set content and training. 

So follow along for a behind-the-scenes look into my world and for real talk about marketing, mindset, manifestation, and more. 
Bottom line: I help struggling service providers design and support their intentional life.

I help creative service providers build wildly successful online businesses 
without sacrificing their intentional lifestyle.

what i do
Your Intentional Life™ Podcast
Follow along as I build a 7-figure business without sacrificing the intentional life that I worked so hard to create. Inside we'll talk about marketing, manifesting, mindset, and so much more. 
Email Copy SCHOOL™
Do you want to step into the role of an intentional business owner and break out of the feast-or-famine cycle for good? Picking a profitable niche is step 1 (and email copy is a dang good one!) 
Done-For-You Email Copy
I often get asked if I still write email copy now that I teach it, and the answer is yes! Inside my email copywriting agency I help polarizing personal brands outsource their copy without diluting their message. 
Learn how to land your first four email copy projects using ONLY the experience you have right now! 
In this free mini-course, I'll show you how to consistently find projects that allow you buckle down and stay in this awesome niche.
Learn how to find a sexy email hook like a PRO in just 27 minutes! 
In this over-the-shoulder video, I'll show you exactly how I figure out what hook to use for a killer teaser email. 
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