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Brittany was super helpful in reviewing what I had written and fine tuning it before I sent the emails out. After Brittany's help, I felt so much more confident about the content of the emails. 

She helped me stay true to my message while using her expertise to solidify the concepts and help me achieve my goals for the email sequences. 

If you have any doubts about your written content and need someone friendly and professional to help point you in the right direction, Brittany is definitely the one to go to! 
I hired Brittany along with a couple of other copywriters, and I remember how quick she was to turn the emails around, what a fast learner she was with any kind of feedback, and most importantly, that she understood the power of curiosity. 

I remember about a month into it, Russell Brunson came to me and said, “Who is writing my emails for my podcasts? I love them!” I said oh, that’s Brittany! Pretty soon after that, Brittany became Russell’s exclusive voice on email and she did such a good job of capturing his blend of curiosity and value.

Brittany is a dream come true! She's always able to capture my client’s voice while making the process extremely easy. 

We’ve worked well together on MANY projects and my clients have been pleased with the results time and time again. 

I feel like there isn’t a better copywriter out there if you’re looking to hire one for your agency and capture the voice of your clients. 

You should defiantly give Brittany and her team a try.

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